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19th Montessori Europe Congress

Vom 5.-7. Oktober 2018 findet in Sofia (Bulgarien) der 19. Montessori-Europe-Congress statt zum Thema "Im Klassenraum".

"Inside the classroom" Congress 5-7 October 2018: Sofia
Maria Montessori’s pedagogy has created an area of educational theory and practice, with the development of children as its central issue. It has challenged Montessori teachers and other interested partners to develop solutions for current educational problems and to come up with new didactic models and materials. Researchers have tried to establish the value of the Montessori method.
Entering this search for systematic and methodical solutions, Montessori Europe will devote its next congress to the Montessori classroom: what can we learn from Montessori practices and how can we inspire one another in the on-going process of professional development?
In the congress attention will be paid to all the aspects of classroom practice, such as managing the group, facilitating individual and small group activities, providing effective and accurate feedback and practicing observation skills. Experiences of teachers and research results will be presented.
Meetings, forums and discussions will focus on practitioners’ experiences at all age levels of Montessori education. The congress will also welcome pedagogues who work in special educational settings with, for instance, the sick, the elderly, the excluded. The debates will concern all participants of the education process: pupils, teachers, parents, teacher trainers.
The congress will take place in Sofia. Montessori education in Bulgaria is still very young and
the Montessori Europe congress will hopefully be supportive in strenghtening the position of the Montessori pedagogy in Bulgaria.

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Liebe Montessorianer & Montessori-Interessierte,
Die Umfrage zum Zukunftsprojekt „MONTESSORI 2020“ des Montessori Dachverband Deutschland e.V. (MDD) ist beendet. Alle TeilnehmerInnen erhalten Anfang Mai eine Auswertung und Zusammenfassung der Umfrage-Ergebnisse.